The designers featured on Lookie Lou are selected very carefully. Each designer must produce a collection of vegan apparel or accessories—products that are completely free of animal products, including leather, silk, and wool. Additionally, their creations have to be luxurious, exciting, and enticing. No plain white tees sold here. Finally, each designer must be trying to accomplish something greater than scratching a creative itch. Some of the designers with whom we partner are trying to bring awareness of and support to particular communities. Some are leading the way in low-impact manufacturing and sustainable fashion. And some are trying to bring high-end vegan fashion to the fore. By purchasing from Lookie Lou, you’re supporting artists and artisans who are making strides to improve the lives of living things all over the planet. To learn more about the designers of our vegan shoes, eco-friendly lingerie, and sustainable swimwear, select any of the links below. If you’re fond of a designer who fits our criteria and whose products we don’t yet carry, please drop us a line at

Agave is a premium company based on the American West Coast. Agave denim embodies West Coast Luxury: elegant, sexy, confident, simple, and unpretentious.  Learn more

Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur is a collaboration between filmmaker, pastry chef, and eminent New Yorker Arden Wohl and vegan accessories brand Cri de Coeur. Learn more

The mother-daughter team behind Beija-Flor creates premium-quality denim that is both flattering and environmentally responsible. Beija-Flor works with ISO-certified manufacturers and Brazil’s most conscientious suppliers to ensure fair labor and a minimized environmental impact. Learn more

Layla L’obatti created luxury lingerie line Between the Sheets to produce intimates and loungewear that offer sophistication and comfort wrapped in timeless designs. Learn more

Big Buddha

Big Buddha is a Santa Cruz, California-based vegan bag manufacturer that produces handbags and accessories for busy women who need a bag that can keep up with them.  Learn more

Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme, or BoBo, makes gorgeous vegan shoes of an extremely high quality. Bobo shoes are designed in the UK and infused with British style.  Learn more

Brook There

Brook There, from designer Brook DeLorme, creates sustainable loungewear and lingerie that flatters the figure and provides incredible comfort. These pieces incorporate simple, elegant lines. Learn more

Charmoné is a luxurious vegan shoe line from designers Lauren Carroll and Jodi Koskella. Charmoné shoes incorporate European design and are flirty and elegant. Learn more

Los Angeles-based designer Clare Herron designs provocative and unique eco-friendly lingerie for her brand, Clare Bare. Clare often uses ultra-soft bamboo jersey and vintage fabrics and is known for hand-dying her pieces.  Learn more

Coral 8 is a vegan shoe line from designer Allison Kary. All Coral 8 shoes are produced from high-quality manmade materials, incorporating as much recycled, organic, and biodegradable material as possible.  Learn more

Coral 8 by Allison Kary is the sister line of Coral 8. Like Coral 8, these shoes are playful and fun. In addition, they are produced from the most sustainable materials available.  Learn more

Cri de Coeur is a luxury vegan shoe and accessory line from designers Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow. Cri de Coeur, which translates to “cry from the heart,” chooses its materials and manufacturing partners based on their environmental merits. Learn more

Hoodlamb is an Amsterdam-based brand that produces beautiful, durable, sustainable outerwear.  Hoodlamb products are made from hemp, which is incredibly strong, resource efficient, and insulating.  Learn more

Kamik is an environmentally-focused, family-owned Canadian company that makes quality outdoor boots. Over 70% of Kamik shoes are made in the USA or Canada.  Learn more

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat produces vegan bags of exceptional quality in classic designs. Matt & Nat bags are sophisticated yet practical and feature clean lines and gorgeous faux leathers.  Learn more

You know a Melissa shoe when you see one. Melissa jellies have a distinctive seamless design and bubblegum sent. Each is very comfortable, extremely durable, and made from recyclable plastic (PVC).  Learn more

Mink is the vegan shoe line of designer Rebecca Mink. Out of respect for our planet and the creatures that inhabit it, Rebecca set out to create a brand of shoes that was high-quality, high-fashion, and cruelty-free.  Learn more

Monkee Genes is a UK denim brand that uses organic fabrics to create ethically produced, environmentally conscious jeans. Monkee is the first and only denim brand to have certifications from The Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standards.  Learn more

Neuaura is a vegan shoe line from designer Arti Upadhyay. Neuaura shoes are fashion-focused but also have heart. They incorporate sustainable materials wherever possible and are produced in a sustainable facility in Brazil. Learn more

Odina creates funky, fun, sustainable swimwear intended for use. Whether you prefer sand or surf, you’ll find Odina’s suits functional and flattering. Learn more

Olsenhaus is an exquisite vegan shoe line created by Elizabeth Olsen to demonstrate that great fashion doesn’t require suffering. In fact, as Olsenhaus proves, luxury fashion can benefit from the exclusion of cruelty-dependent materials. Learn more

Opificio V is an Italian shoe brand that creates elegant vegan shoes from high-tech materials. Opifico V shoes are produced exclusively by Italian artisans and use the most durable and environmentally friendly benign materials available.  Learn more

Raya Hanon swimwear is the creation of designer Heather Pierce, a lifelong global traveler. Each Raya Hanon collection reflects Heather’s travels to a specific part of the world. Learn more

Reneu is a vegan comfort shoe line from designer Arti Upadhyay. Cushy memory foam insoles and padding at the heel and ball of the foot make Reneu shoes a dream to wear. The uppers of Reneu shoes are composed of eco-friendly materials such as specially designed Ultrasuede, recycled polyester, and hemp. Learn More

Roni Kantor is an Israeli fashion brand. The Roni Kantor collection includes a vintage-themed line of vegan shoes that are enchanting and elegant. Learn more

Siamese dream is a mother-daughter partnership which produces a line of gorgeous vegan shoes. Siamese Dream is based in Thailand and dedicated to repurposing traditional ethnic textiles into beautiful, marketable goods. Learn more

Sonas Denim is a premium denim company that cares. Founded in San Francisco by a self-described festival enthusiast and an animal rights attorney, Sonas produces American-made luxury vegan patchwork jeans.  Learn more

Sorial is an American handbag brand that produces a line of cruelty-free bags. Sorial's vegan leather is incredibly durable and withstands extreme weather and weight.  Learn more

Unreal Fur is an Australian brand that produces gorgeous faux furs. Their tops, scarves, coats, and hats are silky, luxurious, and 100% synthetic.  Learn more

Vaute is a superstar in the vegan fashion community. Vaute is led by founder Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, who is passionate about developing eco-friendly vegan apparel and textiles that are far superior to their animal-based counterparts.  Learn more

Wilby is a UK-based vegan handbag brand that produces elegant, fun, PETA-approved bags. Wilby manufactures in England and incorporates eco-friendly materials into its products, including cork leather, organic cotton, and recyclable fabrics.  Learn more