About Us

Here’s the skinny on Lookie Lou:

  • We’re a vegan women’s boutique. Nothing on our site contains any animal product or by-product, including leather, silk, wool, or animal glues.
  • We’re also an ethical boutique. We partner with designers who have lofty social and/or environmental goals. To get an idea of the range of these goals, we suggest reading the Siamese Dream and Monkee Genes designer pages.
  • We’re an e-boutique but customers are always welcome to come by our Glenview, IL headquarters and try on our goods. Just make an appointment to stop by.
  • Slow fashion is important to us. We believe in buying better, buying less, and buying less often. We carry premium quality products from designers who care.
  • We want you to stand out. We want your everyday apparel to be fresh, unique, and start conversations.
  • We don’t think there is any one way to manufacture better. We think the path to a more sustainable global society is many-pronged. Some of our designers manufacture in the US; some use recycled or especially eco-friendly materials; some manufacture in low-impact facilities; some recycle their own products; some are primarily focused on fair labor practices.
  • We’re owned by a vegan husband and wife team. Ray and Laura founded Lookie Lou out of a desire to see more high-fashion, high-quality vegan products consolidated in one kick-@$$ shop. Laura has been vegan since 2006, Ray since 2010. They love their kids, their companion animals, 30 Rock, Fritz Pastry, cool cars, mountains, and California. They would really appreciate any vegan doughnut shop recommendations you can provide, domestic or international. Seriously: please email info@lookielou.com and make their day.
  • We REALLY like feedback. What can we stock for you? Need more size diversity? Looking for a brand we don’t carry? Wish we had more product categories? Want to see one of our products on a body? We will bend over backwards for you. We will bend over backwards wearing a pair of stilettos.